Convert It Live: Live Blogging Software

by traveldragon on October 27, 2008

Heard about this on net@night and looks great. Free, Easy, No Login for Listeners..

COVERITLIVE.COM – Why CoveritLive?

It turns live blogging into an online event.

When you use CoveritLive’s software your commentary is streaming live onto your web pages or blog, so your readers hear from you immediately after that election result comes in, or that terrible play gets called or the next time an actor gets bleeped at the Oscars. Because they can instantly get their questions to you as well as participate in polling questions you create, there is a reason for them to stay online for a long time…not just check back in once in a while. Once you add in some pictures and videos all in real time, you’ve created an event worth watching

What you’re using today does not meet all your needs.

Today’s live blogs simply are not that engaging. The problem isn’t the writer, it’s the software they’re using. Standard publishing tools force you to type, press save (or maybe preview), then go to your blog, hit refresh and hope that you got it right. Your readers send in comments or questions by email or post them at the bottom of your page where they cannot be seen. Giving them the feeling that you are interacting with them is almost impossible. Quickly dropping in a polling question, a picture or a video clip probably requires a call to the IT department or a lot of up front work. In short, your software is holding you back. CoveritLive is built for live blogging.

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