Madrid for Foodies: Listening to Facebook Friends

Dining in Madrid

by KathyDragon on January 4, 2011

I have two friends heading to Madrid this week (their first trip).  My experiences in this fantastic city are a bit dated so I reached out to my friends on Facebook with this question…

“Madrid recommendations, anyone? anyone? I can’t believe this well traveled group has nothing to say about eating or drinking in Madrid ;-)”

Here’s what I received back….thought it was worth publishing and updating this list

  • El Botin…Hemingway’s favorite,…suckling pig inside the old fireplace 😉  There is a great little place in the Plaza Mayor – one of the oldest restaurants in town. Maria Elena Price
  • Even better than the expensive Botin is “En Busca del Tiempo” which is a little bar/restaurant that has amazing tablas and wine. Look it up on google maps. Very much a locals favorite. Mary Camacho
  • Madrid is great – just do a little detective work, and you can’t go wrong, plenty of great food and cheap vino. Chueca for non-tourist shopping and eats. We went to a great little Peruvian restaurant. Madrid is like NYC – made up of neighborhoods, each with very different personality, so try to explore as many as you can, not just the Plaza Mayor tourist area, which is also fun. Julie Conover
  • La Bola Restaurant, very famous in madrid then Fuencarral and Chueca place is perfect for drinking and shooping. And do you remenber La Vera is very near to Madrid 2 hours for any thing! Luis Yanes
  • Kathy, you have to visit the ‘Museo del Jamon‘, just off Plaza Puerta del Sol. It’s a local’s cafe and everyone takes a paper napkin with their sandwich and then throws it on the floor with great aplomb! Not a designated tourist attraction but one I would recommend for a laugh! Stevie Christie
  • Museum of Ham! (Museo del Jamon, Carrera de San Jeronimo 6) In reality a cool bar where office workers congregate to chill out before going home. Charles Rhind

…and by Direct Message I received these recommendations

Calle. Libertad 4-6 – 28004 Madrid
Telf. 91 532 12 19 / 91 521 53 31

La finca de susana,
Arlaban 4, Madrid 28014
Tel: 91 369 35 57

Public Restaurant
Desengano 11, Madrid 28004
(Pres de Pl del Callao)

Plaza del Angel 12
28012 Madrid
Tel:91 369 10 59
(Near plaza del sol)

La Gloria de Montera
Caballero de Gracia 10
28013 Madrid
Tel: 91 523 44 07

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