Consumer Trends 2012

by KathyDragon on December 31, 2011

Great 2 Min Video on relevant Consumer Trends for 2012.  How might these effect the Travel Industry?
My thoughts…

  • Need to “Escape” from todays pressures= travel without hassel. Well organized immersive small group tours & well planned FIT
  • Global Connection: “We vs Me”, looking to connect, give back, become a global citizen. Experiential International Travel, Community Based Tourism, Travelers Philanthropy & Voluntourism
  • Green Movement & Importance of Food: Growth of Culinary, Organic & Farm Tourism
  • Women having more choices and changing priorities. Women increasingly choosing travel.
  • Reintroducing Randomness and personal discovery: authentic travel, investing in “Experiences”
  • Digital Content and Interaction: travel content (images, stories, videos) will continue to be valuable allowing experiences to take place before and after travel, as well as for those who are not traveling.
  • Positive Aging: Boomers and Beyond will become and acceptable face of experiential travel
  • Desire for real engagement/objects: Going there, meeting people, tasting foods, hiking trails “real vs virtual” travel.

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