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Kathy with Monks Loas

Kathy with Monks Loas

Welcome.  A bit about me. Read at your own risk :-)

My big project has been TravelDragon.com. Here you’ll find a searchable database containing over 5,000 great travel experiences offered by wonderful small/medium size tour providers worldwide. Search, filter by interest, group size, price, exertion and comfort level, even group size. Connect directly with the providers for more information or to reserve a trip. I’ve had a few bumps along the way and still lots to work on but take it for a test drive! If you have an organization or site interested in this type of platform or the content of the site we should talk.

My own little adventure travel company called The Dragon’s Path.  Currently I design and escort a handful of custom tours each year which allow me to keep a pulse on the industry I’ve spent over  20 years in.  I enjoy and have extensive experience in every aspect of the market.  I’ve been a guide, general manager, marketing director, owner and consultant…and I still love it.  I think understand pretty much all aspects (online and off) of adventure, educational, experiential sustainable travel opportunities.  I believe I bring a unique perspective to the past and future of the travel industry….so I’ve found myself doing more and more consulting.

I’ve personally led over 3,000 guests on small group adventures throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, South Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. (I can send you a list or detailed itinerary and of course photos if you are interested). Most of my guests are age 40+, “boomers and beyond” who enjoy and invest in experiences.

I’m a passionate entrepreneur and fortunate enough to be involved in the development of both large adventure travel companies as well as a couple of venture funded travel and lifestyle websites.

I have a lot to say, specifically about the importance and interests of boomers and women 40+ as they relate to travel, technology, social media and natural foods…that led me to be a frequent speaker at Marketing to Women, Boomer Market Summit, and The Adventure Travel World Summit and Good and Green Marketing Summit and a bunch of other fun events as well as involved with a variety of consulting projects for companies interested in my expertise and reaching these markets.

I started  ActiveWomen.com back in 2004 to test out what “blogs” were all about and hoped to create a venue for “active women” to share experience and reviews around outdoor/active products, clothing, gear, and travels.  It could use some help :-)

When not traveling you’ll find me at a local cafe  in front of my MacBook Pro,  IPhone 3GS, listening to a podcast, or in intense discussion over the meaning of sustainable travel, the importance of facebook for the 40+ or new the newest twitter tools.  I’m becoming a bit Social Media geek.  Creating webinars and consulting small companies on Social Media.

Oh, and when I’m not working, you’ll find me on the trail, any trail (running, biking, hiking, skiing), with my energetic dog Mila (who keeps me sane) in the most beautiful travel destination in the world,  Boulder CO.

Enough already…if you are really interested you can view my LinkedIn profile

Happy Travels! Kathy

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Richard White June 12, 2011 at 8:08 am

Hello Kathy,

I am a 29 year old New Zealander living in Thailand. I can speak and read Thai and Lao and have been back and forwards between the countries many times including the odd trip to Myanmar. The reason I am messaging you is a just watched the ‘Travel Show’ on the TAN network and saw you being interviewed at what I recognise as the Champasak Grand Hotel in Pakse during the Mekong Torism Forum. I heard you talking about a ‘concierge service’ which could be heplful for elder tourists who have not had the experience of Visa on arrival procedures. I have thought about this many times as I have passed through seeing many tourists wandering about between the borders sweating with confused looks on their faces. Many times I have given them advice and helped them with the forms. As you mentioned that this age group are doing multi-country vacations maybe my knowledge and language abilities would be useful to form a concierge service. I may go and make myself familiar with Cambodia and Veitnamese crossings/cities etc. Do you think this could be a viable business? Maybe you are interested in talking further with me? Either way, all the best and keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,

Richard White

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